Landrush Ended

The landrush application period ends on March 22nd. Domains with only one valid applicant will go live within 7 days. Where there are multiple valid applications for a domain, a private auction will be held.

The Landrush priority application period short .ie domains ended on 22nd March 2016. About 150 domains were registered in this phase, with auctions held during April 2016. Short .ie domains are now available for general registration.

Landrush Overview

  • The Landrush application period starts on 21st February 2016 and will run for 30 days. It will provide all interested applicants who satisfy the standard registration criteria the opportunity to apply for their desired one character or two letter domain.
  • You can apply before the start date above, your application will be queued and submitted when the official period starts
  • Multiple applications will be accepted for each domain, and all applications received will be evaluated, and responded to within 48-72 hours of receipt during the working week.
  • If multiple eligible applications are received for a single domain name, a private auction will be used to determine who is awarded the domain. All eligible auction participants will be contacted shortly after the end of Landrush to advise on the auction procedures.
  • If only one eligible application is received for a domain, registration will be granted to the sole eligible applicant at the end of the Landrush process.

Update: The auction dates have been changed by IEDR. Auctions will now commence at 09:00 on 15th April 2016 and are scheduled to end April 25th. Individual auction end dates may be extended by late bidding.

Short .ie domains are now generally available

Short domains are now available for general registration subject to the normal .ie rules. Click the button below to see if your desired name is still available.

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